Reinsurance – performed by the company

Reinsurance – an insurance company’s transfer of some or all of the risk that has already been once received from the policyholder based on the insurance contract. Action to insurance It is a type of secondary action to insurance, which means that no insurance funds are created as a result of reinsurance. The reinsurance undertaking

Life insurance or debt balance insurance

Plans to take out a home loan? Then you may have already come into contact with a lot of insurance jargon, the definition of which is not always clear. Here we take a closer look at the terms debt balance insurance and life insurance. What exactly is the difference? And is there a difference at

Changes for health insurance 2017

What will change for health insurance in 2019? Here you can read the changes for, among other things, the premium health insurance, the deductible, the basic package and the health insurance allowance. Cabinet plans on Good Finance The Cabinet announced its plans for 2019. Of course, attention was also paid to healthcare in the Budget