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US mortgages are intended for those who need to borrow a larger sum of money and have the property they can pledge. Unlike classic mortgages, American mortgages are not tied to account recovery – money can be used for anything. It can be a car purchase, home furnishings or even a luxury holiday. What is […]

The most important point of a Baby Loan

As expected on 01.04.2019, the Parliament voted in favor of the Family Protection Action Plan. The jewels of the bundle of interesting laws are the Babysitting HUF 10 million. It is understandable that we can get up to HUF 10 million without collateral with a state guarantee and free use. But you need to know […]

Details of the publicly supported $ 10 million loan

One of the strangest items of the population growth subsidies announced in February was the HUF 10 million interest-free loan, the debt of which will be forgiven at birth, 30% for the second child and the total amount for the third. So, in fact, this is also a prepayment allowance if you want more than […]

Discounts With CTH Credit Cards

In today’s article we would like to introduce you to CTH credit cards with discounts and rebate program. We will present all the advantages, advantages and opinions about Silver, Gold and Platinum credit cards. The mentioned cards are one of the more prestigious cards available in the CTH offer. They do not only allow you […]

Will there be a rise in interest rates on home mortgages in the near future?

These days, there are unfavorable news for mortgage watchers, as hundreds of thousands of Hungarian families worried about the repayment details have received bad news, and the political situation in Italy is alarming. This year, we have already received news of what will happen to our credit if the currently very favorable interest rate environment […]

Cheap payday loans with low interest in Mexico

To maintain a good quality of life many people need to receive some external help, and for that purpose there is nothing better than a cheap payday loan. These financial products turn out to be quite useful for people who have to face repeated payments of products or services, because a low interest loan does […]

Cash on holiday?

Nowadays in Finland almost everyone pays for their purchases by debit or credit card. The use of cash has decreased significantly in recent years, with the ability to pay by card almost everywhere. In fact, some places may have begun to take a closer look at cash display. If you don’t already have a credit […]

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