What will change for health insurance in 2019? Here you can read the changes for, among other things, the premium health insurance, the deductible, the basic package and the health insurance allowance.

Cabinet plans on Good Finance

Cabinet plans on Prinsjesdag

The Cabinet announced its plans for 2019. Of course, attention was also paid to healthcare in the Budget Memorandum. Under the motto ‘stronger from the crisis’, healthcare costs are now again in line with our welfare development.

In this article we discuss the changes for health insurance for next year. Here you will find a complete overview of the Prince’s Day measures for 2019.

Care premiums for 2019

Care premiums for 2019

The healthcare premiums for 2019 will be announced in the coming months. Minister of Public Health Schippers has indicated during Good Finance that he expects a premium increase of € 3.50.

The health insurers have until mid-November to present the premiums for the following year. In our live blog we closely follow the announcement of the healthcare premiums for 2019. It is already clear from this that healthcare premiums are rising faster than the Cabinet expectations.

Own risk

Own risk

The Cabinet sets the deductible for health insurance every year. After years of increase, the deductible in 2019 remains the same at € 385 per person per year. Up to this amount you pay the healthcare costs that you incur within a year from your own pocket. Not all care falls under the deductible, for example a visit to the doctor. Read which care falls under the deductible.

In addition, you can voluntarily opt for a higher deductible of € 100 to € 500 more. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium health insurance. Read more tips to save on your health insurance.

The basic package


The government also determines annually what is included in the basic health insurance package. For 2019 the basic package will be expanded with allowances for:

  • Primary residence. Care and care for those who are temporarily unable to live at home, for example after hospitalization.
  • Display legs: Physiotherapy and exercise therapy for patients with display legs in the 2nd phase.
  • Implant permanent angle and incisors: the maximum age for reimbursement ranges from 18 to 23 years.
  • Breast prosthesis for women and trans women who do not have breast growth;
  • Circumcision with medical emergency.
  • Operation upper eyelid in poor visibility due to weak or paralyzed upper eyelid

On September 23 it was also decided that overall coverage of healthcare costs would still remain in the basic package. As of January 1, a reimbursement (partially) from the basic package would expire. However, this bill provides impossible to implement.

Healthcare allowance

The Cabinet takes into account a limited increase in premium health insurance for 2019. To ensure a ‘balanced and positive purchasing power picture’, the health insurance allowance will be increased next year.

  • The Cabinet estimates the increase in health care allowance for single people for around 20 euros.
  • Households with more people will receive an estimated around 42 euros.

The definitive healthcare allowance is only calculated when all insurers have announced their premium for 2019. Now that the premium is likely to rise faster than the Minister has estimated, the question is whether the premium health insurance is being increased equally.


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