When buying trips to foreign countries, travel agencies advise customers to purchase additional insurance against disrupting travel to foreign countries for reasons beyond the control of a person. All the largest tour operators in Russia are unanimous in their opinion that insurance against travel abroad is a necessary measure that allows you to return most of the funds if the trip still does not take place.

On the one hand, such protection in 2018 can be extremely useful if there are concerns about the possibility of disrupting a tourist’s plans. On the other hand, insurance companies, pursuing their own interests, draw up an insurance contract in such a way to be maximally free themselves of responsibility for most of the risks, minimizing the cost of compensation payments. If in the segment of cheap vouchers, many clients neglect the design of the policy, then when buying an expensive tour, travelers are more willing to insure themselves.

What expenses are covered by insurance

What expenses are covered by insurance

The risks covered by insurance are directly related to a particular trip, which allows a person to protect himself from the loss of funds if the trip is ruined. The cost of insurance is determined on the basis of insured risks, which includes a policy:

  1. Problems with obtaining permission to enter a particular country. Insurance against non-issuance of a visa allows you to rely on compensation even in the case of a delay in issuing permits at the consulate for reasons independent of the tourist.
  2. Refusal of a visa for a close relative, with which a joint trip was planned, also applies to cases covered by insurance coverage. Travel insurance allows you to receive compensation when traveling with family members is not possible for reasons beyond the control of the traveler.
  3. Non-receipt of a visa by anyone traveling on a joint tour, subject to booking a common room.
  4. Unforeseen illness, illness followed by hospitalization of a tourist or deterioration of well-being, death of another participant in the tour.

In addition to health and visa problems, Russian insurers provide additional protection for the following reasons:

  • (s), injuries sustained by a tourist or one of his / her family members in the 15-day period prior to the commencement of the tour, subject to the availability of a medical document confirming the ban on long journeys;
  • forced return of time or, conversely, a delay in returning for good reasons;
  • the need to be present in court as a participant in the meeting during the planned trip;
  • conscription;
  • the property of the traveler is damaged or completely lost due to fire, flooding, natural disasters, disasters, criminal actions of unauthorized persons.

Is it worth it to arrange travel insurance?

Is it worth it to arrange travel insurance?

To decide if you need insurance when buying a foreign tour, you need to understand the characteristics of the travel services design.

The fact is that the purchase of a tour in a specialized company is preceded by a preliminary redemption of the voucher, an advance payment for the services of foreign implementing partners. These expenses are made at the expense of funds received from customers. When the traveler refuses to travel, the intermediary company pays penalties for disrupting the agreements to air carriers, consulates, the receiving party, the tour desk and other organizations involved in providing the tour.

Since in case of refusal of the tour companies have to incur serious costs for paying purposes, most of the funds for the voucher are spent. As a result, there is practically nothing to return to a failed traveler.

The situation is quite different if the client of the travel agency has issued insurance against not leaving. Thanks to the protection provided by the policy, you can return almost the entire prepaid amount minus 10-15%.

Despite the fact that this type of insurance is not mandatory, if there are concerns that there will be problems in preparing for the trip, it is recommended to use insurance protection. The main condition is to document the circumstances that made travel impossible.

It is necessary to distinguish a policy of protection from not returning from medical insurance, issued to ensure financial protection while abroad.

How to get travel insurance

How to get travel insurance

It is possible to get insurance against the departure from a trip to a foreign country not only through a tour operator, but also at the insurance company itself, if the traveler makes reservations on his own. It should be borne in mind that not all insurance companies can get insurance directly, sometimes they require the client to submit an agreement on the provision of services through a travel agency.

The prerequisite for obtaining insurance is the presence of a passport with a valid period, and to draw up a contract the agent will need full information about the costs associated with the trip:

  • booking a hotel;
  • travel documents;
  • tours;
  • transfer.

The above items of expenditure will help determine the estimated amount of expenses associated with staying abroad and the price of the policy.

How much is travel insurance

The cost of insurance depends on many factors. The main parameters for calculating the price of the policy are:

  • tour costs. voucher;
  • insurance risks included.

The cost of insurance against non-departure is calculated using a coefficient determined according to the number of insurable risks. In most cases, the insurer charges in the range of 1.5-10 percent of the amount of the cost of the permit. Among other things, each company has its own tariffs for services.

Travelers acquire special programs involving the selection of individual insurance risks – denial of a visa, sudden illness before departure, etc. Exceptions to the policy will be saved by means of services that require cancellation without penalty and no serious consequences for the customer.

AlfaTrevel-type program from AlfaStar. Some insurers offer protection against problems when traveling abroad as part of an additional service. Customers can choose the method of registration, the amount of the insured amount, the currency of payment. Reducing the cost of the application of the franchise, reducing the amount of compensation by a fixed amount.

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