2021 American Music Awards TV Viewership Ends at Record High

Olivia Rodrigo, who performed “Traitor” at the 2021 American Music Awards. Photo Credit: Walt Disney Television/CC by 2.0

Television viewership for the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs) ended at around four million viewers — nearly identical to the 2020 show’s record viewership.

This and other remarkable figures were revealed in a recently released statement, written by ABC and featuring statistics provided by Nielsen. According to the concise analysis of TV and digital audiences for the 2021 AMAs, total viewership came in at four million for the former, as mentioned – almost on par with 2020’s 4.01 million. 2021 edition of the 47-year-old event earned a 1.0 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic, again with 2020.

The total viewership and rating for the 2020 AMAs were all-time lows, with viewership down 6.68 million (and the 18-49 rating down 1.7) in 2019. As a result, as reported on debut, the 2021 AMAs TV viewership is near the lowest in history, as the 18-49 rating is tied for the lowest yet.

Discouraged though the viewership statistics for the 2021 American Music Awards speak for themselves, the modest year-over-year decrease is something to be welcomed when combined with the viewership losses recorded by rebates. competing prices.

Granted, the Grammys aired in March with a more than 50% year-over-year drop in total viewers (8.8 million) and a more than 60% year-over-year drop in the 18-ranking department. 49 years (2.1). In short, the Golden Globes, Billboard Music Awards, BET Awards, MTV’s VMAs and ACM Awards also fell to record viewership in 2021 – although they are suffering double-digit year-over-year declines. , in almost all cases.

For further reference, the American Music Awards – which in 2021 booked performances from Coldplay, BTS, Olivia Rodrigo, Jennifer Lopez and Måneskin, to name a few – in 2016 attracted 8.18 million viewers ( a rating of 2.4) and 9.15 million viewers in 2017 (a rating of 2.4 again).

Regarding the AMA performance of Eurovision winner Måneskin, it should be mentioned that music competition programs such as The voice are doing relatively well in terms of viewership size, managing to top most annual music awards shows on a weekly basis — and even more so with the season finales. Season 21 of The voice will end (with a live show) on Tuesday, December 14.

It’s unclear what the widespread decline in television viewership means for the long-term viability of awards shows; MRC produces the AMAs, and a spokesperson did not respond to DMN’s request for comment on the TV ratings for the 2021 ceremony in time for publication.

But the same statement that revealed the disappointing audience details for the 2021 AMAs highlights that the event was the “most social TV broadcast of 2021,” with 46.5 million total interactions across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

That number marks a 39% year-over-year increase, the text also says, compared to a 68% year-over-year increase for 2021 AMAs video views to 24 million. Keeping in mind all the highlighted details about audience size, logic suggests that some award shows will go entirely digital in the coming years, possibly revamping their ads and cutting airtimes decidedly. long in the process.

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