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The “Everything” singer has revealed his recent method of working in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.

Acclaimed singer John K shared in a recent online press with Bulletin Entertainment how his new album “In Case You Miss Me” was achieved via videoconference, particularly via zoom.

“85% of the whole of this project was carried out via a zoom, back and forth. I talk about it (with collaborators) saying “Come on, let’s listen to him, what else do you think he needs” and I cut the vocals in this room (in reference to his home studio) then I sends it across the country with someone else putting it down and working on it.

In short, the popular business meeting app became a creative tool in the hands of John K.

“I love being in the same room as the people I create with. It’s easier to jam, to find beginnings and to really set up the instrumental side. But it is very possible, this album is the proof that it is possible to reconstitute a quality work on Zoom.

John K shared that the ongoing pandemic “has changed the way I think about songwriting because I like to surround myself with people who are smarter than me.”

“Particularly for ‘Fool Alone’ for example, we did a session with an amazing producer and writer from the UK. I don’t think it would be possible without the zoom.

“We would be in a group text before we jump into our zoom session and (we) talk about what we’re listening to, and I can send him ideas and demos that we’ve been working on that are sort of in the same. vein and in the same kind of area. And he (go) on a few different chord starts and progressions and little drum grooves and just send me stuff. And I was like, ‘the second thing you sent might be something we can use, and the fifth.’ And (then) we would jump into zoom and it was like we were playing it, talking and trying to write something on it. and that would only be the beginning, ”explained John K, adding,“ and then the real work begins because we have to bring it to life. “

He then summarized the breakdown of the work involved in his new album: “This whole project, in large part, most of the writing was done on zoom and in-person production when we locked ourselves in together.”

John K recently released his new album titled “In Case You Miss Me” under Epic Records and via the Sony Music label worldwide. The album contains the recent singles “everything” and “ilym” feat Rosie and ten other unreleased tracks.



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