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Southfield (CW50) – Every major city has a music scene filled with talented upcoming artists and iconic mainstays. What makes the Detroit music scene different and why is it considered something special for anyone experiencing it for the first time?

American music journalist Gary Graff first discovered Detroit music in person in 1982 and covered the city’s music scene for the Oakland Press Macomb Daily Media News Group. When Graff first landed in Detroit, he was already familiar with Detroit music, but experiencing it in person was a whole other world.

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“When you really land here and are out in the field, you learn so much more about the heritage and the importance of music in the fabric of the community here.”

Community Connect host Jackie Paige with American music journalist Gary Graff

Graff joins Community Connect host Jackie Paige to talk about the uniqueness of Detroit music, as well as the Detroit Music Awards.

“Detroit music is everything. If you want world class rock ‘n’ roll it’s here, if you want world class jazz it’s here, gospel, rap, pop, country, you name the genre , it’s here.

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Graff also discussed the talent that exists in all fields, not just household names. Detroit is full of talented musicians in community orchestras, theaters and bands. Detroit is a city of music, not just in its roots, but in its present day.

“It’s as good as anything you’ll find anywhere else in the world.”

Detroit Music Awards promotional video (courtesy of Detroit Music Awards)

Along with his work as a music journalist, Graff also founded the Detroit Music Awards. He explains how the awards are intended to celebrate talented, world-renowned artists who have come out of Detroit, but also to recognize the city’s popular bands, musicians and artists.

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