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Brooklyn-based Brazilian / American rock band Color added recently announced its latest version, “Psycho. “ They kicked off their international / US tour to support him on May 13th.

“’Psycho’ marks a very important moment for our group. As a group, it is the strongest, the most united that we have ever been and musically, it solidifies an identity that we have been building for 3 years, ”says Kiko Freiberg, guitarist / vocals for Added Color.

EP embraces individuality, self-acceptance and the defense of others. In addition to the EP, Added Color released a music video to accompany their first single. The new project was produced entirely by Added Color and recorded by the Grammy-nominated engineer Luiznho Mazzei, whose past credits include Initial capital and Jota Quest.

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Thank you for your time! What words would you use to describe 2016? What were the highlights of the group? What are you most excited about for 2017?

Thank you for receiving us! 2016 has been a year of building who we are as a band and really finding our sound. We toured a lot and did pre-production on the songs we wrote each time we were back in Brooklyn. We wrote about 30 songs last year and picked 7 to hit the road.

2017 was devoted to setting up the new work. We toured a bit earlier this year and are currently on a summer tour in Morocco and the United States. We follow more new music in early fall and are excited to play year round.

How was Added Color first formed? How did you find the name of your band? What other names are you considering?

Daniel and I (Kiko) are brothers and have played together our entire lives. I met Tim playing gypsy jazz and Danny responded to an ad on Craigslist.

Added Color is all about celebrating diversity and uniqueness, and adding color to a “normal” scenario. Everyone should be able to be who they are and not justify it to anyone. Just cut the bullshit.

As a group people are trying to throw you in a box. They want to pick a genre for you and know who you sound like before they hear from you. We don’t really want to waste our time on this.

For the band names we considered Mr. Industry (a name of an upcoming song) and Big Affair, but when Tim came up with Added Color and it was obvious to us.

I am curious to know how your sound was influenced by your Brazilian and American origins?

Dan and I grew up listening to rock music. It’s huge in Brazil. I remember switching to Burial and think “Dude, these guys are really something different. They bring so much of Brazil into their rhythms.“We started to think about how to integrate Brazilian sounds into our music in our own way.

Much of it is also unconscious. When you grow up around Carnival and so much rhythm in general, it stays with you forever.

Let’s talk about your latest EP, “Psycho”. How did the creation of this collection go? Did something surprise you in the process?

We recorded half the EP in the US and half in Brazil when we went there to play at the Palco do Rock festival in Salvador. We probably wrote 20 songs, recorded 9 and those 5 are the ones we carried over to the EP.

What songs on “Psycho” are you particularly proud of? How do you all go about putting a song together from start to finish?

We’re proud of the whole EP because it was released pretty loud and each song is very different / has a different story to tell. “Our secret” and “Psycho” tend to be crowd favorites. Each song is also written differently, but we all do it together and have an equal contribution. Sometimes someone brings an idea and we build it, and sometimes it just comes from a jam.

How has your international / US tour been so far? What were some favorite stops. Which venues are you looking forward to playing next time around?

It was awesome. We are currently in Morocco preparing a show. Some of the small towns have never had a rock band before, so it’s amazing how people react. Our first show was in disputed territory in Western Sahara. That said, people travel the same way they do in the United States and the shows are packed every night.

We’re also excited to be hitting the road again in the States and playing at home.

Where do you think you are happiest on stage, in the recording studio or elsewhere?

Show on stage. Every night is different and we can get together with different people and feed off the crowds. This is where I feel most comfortable in life.

Who are you listening to all these days?

I listened a lot Royal Blood, highly suspect, QOTSA and a few other groups that move the scene forward. Very in a new group called Tiger.

Which artists have continued to inspire you and your music? Who would you really like to work with in the future?

If I could pick a group to open it would probably be QOTSA. I would also like to work with Omar Rodriguez Lopez, because he’s been one of my biggest influences as a guitarist.

In the end, what do you hope your fans will take away from your music? What do you think is the message of your songs?

Be yourself, accept people’s differences, and cut the bullshit. We want people to celebrate who they are and let it all hang out. ALL are welcome to our crew as long as they respect everyone.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about you and your music?

Consult us and let us know what you think. If you are in a group or a solo artist, send us your music. We love to listen to new things and spend a lot of time in the van.

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