Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductee Shirley Eikhard Says ‘Anything is Possible’

Legendary singer/songwriter Shirley Eikhard is on her way back to the top with her latest drop, On My Way To You, and new single, “Anything Is Possible.”

The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame alumna shares her songwriting skills and liveliness on an all-new album, packed with 12 future classics honing and highlighting her sensational talent as a songbird and performer .

A career spanning more than 40 years, with accolades decorating her tenure in the music community, Eikhard experiments with modern sounds on this new album and taps into her flair for pop music that has made her a fixture on the music scene. writing songs. The author behind the GRAMMY Award “Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About” lets the music take the lead; his robust signature voice follows in turn. Eikhard’s debut single, “Anything Is Possible” is an instant pop classic, with melodic synth and even finger snapping that tells the story of moving forward, growing and calling the human spirit to life. survive the devastation.

His songwriting tenacity – having penned over 500 songs to date – encompasses not only Eikhard’s finely crafted knack for producing a bop that lasts through the ages, but also his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist. . A veteran musician, Eikhard possesses skills on guitar, piano, bass, drums, percussion, chromatic harmonica, saxophone, dobro, banjo and mandolin. If the music calls for a new instrument, Eikhard challenges himself to learn how to play, interpret and produce it.

Beyond an unlimited songwriting ability, Eikhard impresses even more by performing the latest of his nine albums in his own home studio. “I like challenges,” says Eikhard.

On My Way To You takes a musical journey, through a soundscape of wonder and excitement. While Eikhard reminds you of “Anything Is Possible” on the opener, she’s not afraid to get vulnerable on songs like “Good News”; both an inescapable prose of life’s tougher difficulties and a desperate wish to change someone’s narrative. “Monsters In The Dark” is a poppy-jazz number, juxtaposed with dark lyrics, highlighting Eikhard’s unique ability to weave together struggles with a catchy upbeat hook.

Shirley Eikhard shines from song to song on an album that reminds us that this Canadian singer continues to find stories to tell and melodies to offer them. On My Way To You is a catalog of continuous writing at its finest; reflecting decades of being best in class. That’s right – Shirley Eikhard managed to create another album of instant hits. Everything is really possible.

Shirley Eikhard, a native of Sackville, New Brunswick, won JUNO Awards in 1973 and 1974 for Best Female Country Artist and had numerous country and pop hits, including You’re My Weakness and Smilin’ Wine. Her songs have been recorded by Cher, Anne Murray, Chet Atkins, Ginette Reno, Alannah Myles and Rita Coolidge.

Eikhard just completed his induction into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame for writing the blues-rock hit “Something to Talk About” in Nashville in the 1980s, and had the song shelved; and one day received a surprise phone message from American blues singer and guitarist Bonnie Raitt, replaying a recording of Something to Talk About that Raitt had just finished after discovering the song on a demo tape that Eikhard had sent him from years earlier.

“I came home and there was this thing on my machine. There was Bonnie…I was numb,” Eikhard recalled. It may have taken Eikhard seven years to find the right artist to sing his song; but when Bonnie Raitt left that fateful voicemail, the rest is music history.

Raitt’s recording of Eikhard’s composition proved a spectacular success. The single, from Raitt’s Luck of the Draw album, peaked on Billboard’s Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary charts at No. 5 in October 1991 and No. 8 on Cashbox. It charted even higher in Canada, at No. 3 on the RPM Top 100 chart and No. 4 on Adult Contemporary, and made the Top 20 on RPM’s 1991 year-end chart.

Something to Talk About won Raitt the coveted Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and led the album Luck of the Draw to win Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance, boosted by multi-platinum sales in North America. . At home in Canada, Something to Talk About also earned Eikhard a JUNO nomination for Songwriter of the Year, and later SOCAN Classics and BMI Awards for radio favorite status.

Which goes to show, when you’re Shirley Eikhard, “Anything is possible.”

“Anything Is Possible” and On My Way To You are available now.

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