ChoiceCash Title Loans, served by LoanMart, expand to

VAN NUYS, Calif., May 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Starting in 2021, qualified residents of Virginia and Wisconsin have the option of accessing ChoiceCash securities lending, managed by LoanMart. Previously, ChoiceCash securities loans were available to qualified residents of California, District of Columbia, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, United States of America. ‘Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Washington.

Extending the service to as many states as possible in the United States has always been a goal for the LoanMart team since the company was established as a local business in California. With customer service, education, and security central to LoanMart’s mission, the company is proud to extend service to Virginia and Wisconsin through the ChoiceCash Title Loans product.

ChoiceCash title loans are a type of secured installment loan that allows people to learn about emergency financing, regardless of their credit history.

For ChoiceCash Securities lending in Virginia and Wisconsin, the title of the vehicle is used as collateral to secure the financing of the loan. This type of protection can allow lenders to offer financing to a wider range of people, such as those with poor credit, no credit, or previous bankruptcy. Including a streamlined approval process, ChoiceCash Securities Lending in Wisconsin and Virginia also offer competitive industry-wide rates and flexible repayment terms.

Residents interested in receiving a ChoiceCash title loan, served by LoanMart, can complete a simple application form on the ChoiceCash Title Loans website, or can speak directly with a qualified loan officer toll-free by calling 855-914. -2945.

LoanMart is a distributor and service for ChoiceCash securities lending provided by Capital Community Bank, a Utah chartered bank located in Provo, UT, member of the FDIC.

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