Craig Morgan Unveils Deluxe Edition of ‘God, Family, Country’

Craig Morgan is set to release a deluxe edition of his 2020 album, God, Family, Countrythe 11th of November.

Featuring four previously unreleased tracks, including her latest single, “How You Make A Man”, the album is filled with wisdom and delivers powerful messages. The songs play like sage advice from the multi-faceted artist as his iconic voice exemplifies life’s triumphs and tribulations.

In support of the deluxe release, the 2022 God, Family, Country Tour kicks off this fall, and the Veterans Day album release coincides with a special headlining show at Ryman Auditorium.

The tour will closely follow his highly anticipated personal memoir – God, Family, Country – release scheduled for September 27. Written with Jim DeFelice, #1 New York Times best-selling co-author of American sniper, God, family country is an intimate look at Morgan’s life, detailing the singer’s path to success – from humble beginnings to years of elite military service to country music stardom.

Over a 20-year career, the ‘Redneck Yacht Club’ artist has made a name for himself as one of country music’s most beloved entertainers, a famous television personality and a patriot veteran of the army. Top hits, including “Bonfire,” “Almost Home,” “International Harvester” and “That’s What I Love About Sunday,” graced many Billboard chart and have entertained massive crowds for years.


1. “The Father, my Son and the Holy Spirit” (Craig Morgan)

2. “Soldier” (Gavin DeGraw)

3. “Going Out Like This” (Craig Morgan, Michael Rogers, Korey Hunt, Sam Banks)

4. “Whiskey” (Anthony Smith, Sarah Beth Terry)

5. “Sippin’ on The Simple Life” (Craig Morgan, Michael Rogers, Justin Wright, Andrew Yacovone)

6. “God, Family and Country” (Craig Morgan, Craig Morris, Lance McDaniel)

7. “That’s What I Like About Sundays” (Adam Dorsey, Mark Narmore)

8. “My Kind of Woman” (Craig Morgan, Phil O’Donnell, Jason Sellers)

9. “Almost Home” (Craig Morgan, Kerry Kurt Phillips)

10. “Lotta Man (in That Little Boy)” (Craig Morgan, Phil O’Donnell, Tim Owens)

11. “Sounds Like Home” (Craig Morgan, Wade Kirby, Haury Styles, Phil O’Donnell) *

12. “Ask Him” ​​(Craig Morgan, Sam Banks, Wil Nance, Andy Austin) *

13. “How You Do A Man” (Megan Conner, Skip Black, Michael Walton) *

14. “I can drink a little” (Craig Morgan, Phil O’Donnell) *

* unreleased songs

Photo by Nate Griffin/Monarch Publicity

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