Discounts With CTH Credit Cards

In today’s article we would like to introduce you to CTH credit cards with discounts and rebate program. We will present all the advantages, advantages and opinions about Silver, Gold and Platinum credit cards.

The mentioned cards are one of the more prestigious cards available in the CTH offer. They do not only allow you to make payments for purchases using the card and give you the opportunity to use many other amenities.

It should start with the fact that within each of these three credit cards we can receive a high credit limit. It is determined individually with the person applying for a credit card, but if we have a relatively high income, we have a chance to grant us a large credit limit on the card.


Period without interest on cards

credit card

in the case of the Platinum card it is the highest and it is 56 days, in the case of Silver and Gold cards, the interest-free period is 54 days.

One of the biggest advantages of these credit cards is participation in the CTHRabaty rebate program, under which we can get a discount of up to 50% in nearly 5,000 outlets, stores and restaurants throughout Poland. Here we have at our disposal a really wide thematic section from discounts in hotels and restaurants, through discounts in automotive stores, apartment and home equipment stores, with jewelry and clothing, to online stores.



With the help of CTH credit cards

With the help of CTH credit cards

We can pay when and where we want, without using our own cash for this purpose. The card you have created will not be linked to our bank account, we do not even need an account with this bank to get one of the CTH cards. Applying for a card, the bank will set up a special credit limit (the amount of which will depend on our income). If we use this limit by making purchases using a card, whether in a store, pizzeria or restaurant, we will be able to pay it back at any time. Every month we will receive information from the bank about your debt on the card and the bank will only require you to make a monthly deposit once a month.


Withdrawals from ATMs using a card 

Withdrawals from ATMs using a card 

with CTH credit cards, we can not only use payments in shops or discounts, but also withdraw cash from any ATM, if we need it. However, it should be noted that for such transactions a higher commission is charged than for non-cash transactions.


What else do you offer with Silver, Gold and Platinum credit cards?

credit cards?

We can make transfers from a credit card, pay all bills for the phone, electricity, internet or use the CTHPhone special service. With the help of the latter, we will check the available credit limit on the card, the current debt limit, we will report the missing card or check what transactions have been carried out with the card recently.

Which credit card of these three cards should I choose for myself? We do not have to choose ourselves, it is enough that we send the application for a card and then a CTH employee will contact us and help us choose the most advantageous offer for us, which will be tailored to our needs and capabilities.

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