Do not use land titles as collateral to access loans

Jenista Mhagama, Minister of State for the Presidency (Public Service and Good Governance), made the call to the district’s Msisi ward when she visited neighborhoods where the government handed over 2,890 title deeds to residents as part of the business formalization program (MKURABITA) .

The minister said handing over the title deeds was a sign that they were new investors, hence the need for residents to use the documents to empower themselves economically.

“I would like to hear that you used the title deeds to borrow money to develop your farms and not otherwise,” she said.

She said the government is committed to ensuring that agriculture is transformed. It will therefore use the title deeds to sensitize farmers to use their farms to grow short-term crops such as sesame and sunflower, all of which have local and foreign markets.

The Minister therefore called on farmers to put in place efforts to ensure that they document their farms with the authorities to ensure that they are guaranteed to have loans and get out of poverty.

The minister instructed MKURABITA officials to keep a record of issued title deeds to control the eruption of land disputes among residents.

Earlier, while welcoming the minister, Bahi District Commissioner Mwanahamis Mukunda said the district was lucky to be among those whose residents have been documented.

MKURABITA Chief Executive Dr Seraphia Mgembe praised the government for setting aside funds for the project which she said would benefit the residents.

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