Doggerel is the “adult” version of Doolittle

Pixies’ Joey Santiago shared his thoughts on the band’s new album Doggerelcalling it the “adult version” of their famous second album, Doolittle.

In a new interview with American Songwriter, the guitarist explained how the record, out today (September 30), shows the band’s maturity, explaining, “I call this album Doolittle Senior. This is the adult version of Doolittle.” While retaining their penchant for earworms wrapped around more experimental sounds, the band saw a shift in their songwriting process after a 36-year career together.

“The way the songs are structured, it’s pretty pro,” he shared. “Almost all the songs were around three minutes long, which is a perfect pop song and it wasn’t done on purpose at all. We were just shocked that was the case. We nailed it.

This made recording the album the “most relaxed” experience Santiago had had so far, adding that in deviating from his usual method of arranging the notes, he played almost by feel for the album.

To listen Doggerel below.

The band recorded Doggerel in Vermont with producer Tom Dalgety, who was behind the producer’s desk for their latest albums Head carrier (2016) and Under the Eyrie (2019).

Earlier this year, Pixies frontman and songwriter Frank Black opened up about his relationship with former bassist-vocalist Kim Deal, saying that while they didn’t speak to each other often, the two remained friends. “I can’t remember when I last spoke to him, and I’m not very good at Christmas cards,” Black said when asked if the two were on good terms. “We toured a lot together, we wrote together and we made all these records together…but nothing is forever.”

Deal, who left the Pixies in 1993 and again in 2013, was guitarist and vocalist for The Breeders, a band she formed with her twin sister, Kelley Deal.

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