Emergency cash loan -I need money now: emergency cash

Do you need money now and are you looking for the possibilities? It is wise to list them for yourself, which we would naturally like to lend a hand to. In this way, we ensure that it becomes clear to you how you can borrow money and what the pros and cons are of the various options. If you need money now, you can take out a mini-loan or regular loan, use a private loan or a WOZ credit.

I need money now: emergency cash

Do you need money now and do you want it to be available as quickly as possible? An emergency cash loan from us is an attractive option, ensuring that you have money in your account within a few hours. Do you have sufficient (fixed) income and do you have a plan to repay the loan amount within 2 – 3 weeks? Then you can take out an emergency cash loan if you need money now. The short duration and the relatively low amounts ensure that the providers will not feel the BCR check.

Apply for a regular loan

Do you need money now, but is it more than $ 1,000? Then you can unfortunately not use a mini loan, you can then turn to the regular loans. You can use a revolving credit or a personal loan. Bear in mind that the bank will generally perform a BCR review. You can read more about the revolving credit and the personal loan yourself. Do you need money now and do you want to use it as cheaply as possible? Make sure that you already compare the various loans online.

A private loan from acquaintances

Do you need money now and would you rather not go to a bank or a provider of mini loans? If you only need the money temporarily and you can repay it quickly, you can also use a private loan. This is a loan from friends, family or colleagues. If they have more money at their disposal, they can lend you that. Make sure you put the private loan on paper so that you both know where you stand. Keep in mind that the private loan is different from a subordinated loan.

Take out WOZ credit

Do you need money now, is it a relatively large amount or a periodic payment and do you have a home with surplus-value? In that case, you can use a WOZ credit. You use the value of your home, as it were, without having to sell the house. If you now need money for, for example, your healthcare costs or other periodic expenses, this can be an interesting solution, for which you do not need a (high) income.

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