Exclusive Premiere: Seth Avett Shares “Laughing River” From His New Album, “Seth Avett Sings Greg Brown”

Thursday night (October 14) at midnight ET, Seth Avett’s new song, “Laughing River,” from his new album, Seth Avett sings Greg Brownshould drop for fans.

But ahead of the worldwide release, American Songwriter is previewing “Laughing River” for our loyal readers.

Fans can check out the new single below and pre-save upcoming Avett LP covers HERE. The new disc, which is a collection of covers, originally by artist Greg Brown, is set to be released on November 4.

“‘Laughing River’ was the first Greg Brown song I fell in love with,” Avett told American Songwriter. “Ever since I was young, I’ve been drawn to starting songs. This one is so sturdy and downright pretty. And it creates a seamless connection between loneliness and hope.

Avett, co-founding member of popular Americana band The Avett Brothers, first announced the new LP several weeks ago, later sharing another new single, “Good Morning Coffee,” also below. The new album is a tribute to one of Avett’s musical idols, Midwest songwriter Brown, who is the son of a Pentecostal preacher who, over a five-decade career, released 27 scrapbooks.

Co-produced by Avett and Grammy-winning producer, engineer and mixer Dana Nielsen (Bob Dylan, Neil Young), the record captures the spirit, sincerity and character that inhabit Brown’s best songs.

“When I heard the music of Greg Brown, it opened the door to a world of songwriting inspiration for me,” says Avett. “Since then, I’ve connected to the arc of one man’s life and his story. He laid bare the simultaneous nature of all human experience in some way. With this record, I hope just that listeners will get an introduction to Greg Brown, and for anyone who can enjoy it, I hope it’s a bridge to a place they might not otherwise have entered.

Avett will also open the Avett Brothers’ next show at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn on the day of the album’s release with a special Greg Brown-Centric set.

According to a press release, “the record penetratingly captures the spirit, sincerity and beloved characters that inhabit Brown’s best songs. Drawing favorite Avett songs from Brown’s vast repertoire, the album tackles the simple human experiences that Brown is so known for bringing to life – dependability, sincerity, intimacy and startling familiarity – highlighted by the Avett’s rich vocals and precise, shimmering acoustics. ”

Seth Avett sings Greg Brown follows the Avett Brothers’ acclaimed 2020 album, The third lightand Avett’s solo release, IV.

Check out the new track and track listing for the album below.

Seth Avett sings Greg Brown Track list:

  1. The poet’s game
  2. Good morning coffee
  3. just a bum
  4. You drive Me crazy
  5. I slept all night by my lover
  6. my new book
  7. laughing river
  8. Tell stories
  9. The Iowa Waltz
  10. tender-hearted child

Photo by Mallory Cash/Shore Fire Media

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