Gear Review: Online Piano Method Pianote

With all the experts and tutorials available online, there is a ton of information about learning piano. And while some of these can help you on your journey to becoming a better pianist, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. The interpreters you find online aren’t always the experts you’re looking for, most aren’t actually teachers, and sometimes they aren’t even experts at all. And then there is the problem that all beginners face: where to start?

Pianote’s online piano method, song tutorials and experienced piano coaches led by Lisa Witt promise a different experience – one that not only helps you build piano skills, but also provides a learning environment. online that has the support of real teachers who help piano students have fun while learning at their own pace. Anxious to see if the claims were real, I logged on to check it out.

Main characteristics

Pianote has a few standout features: The first that most piano students will come across and appreciate is its organization. The Pianote Method features ten well-organized levels, each with step-by-step video lessons and exercises designed to help piano students learn the right thing at the right time. It’s a clear path and one that focuses on developing basic skills – something that’s easy to miss if you “steal” it with random online tutorials. Learning in the right order not only makes future lessons easier to tackle, but strengthens your musical knowledge so you can be confident when playing and won’t forget what you’ve learned.

While the Piannote method teaches basic skills, such as different musical styles, reading music and the basics of harmony, the focus is on teaching basic skills and Why these basic elements are important to becoming a better pianist. Throughout the lessons, there are constant reminders that the goal is to play the beautiful music you love, and that playing the piano – and learning – should be a fun way of self-expression, not a chore.

There is on-demand access to over 20 full courses and over 320 lessons focused on specific skills, styles and techniques. Pianote also keeps track of all your progress and sets you on a learning path.

Most lessons at Pianote focus on the piano, but there are other interesting segments, like insights into songwriting with the creator, Josh Dion, and introductions to jazz, improvisation, and gospel. , even Latin jazz.

Every beginning piano student loves to learn So be it and lean on me and there are hundreds of YouTube tutorials that will show you how, but Pianote takes a different route. Using over 100 song tutorials, Pianote’s instructors not only explain exactly how to play your favorite songs, but teach the basic skills as you go. You can play along with backing tracks, adjust the tempo, and create practice loops that will help build your playing.

For me, the most outstanding feature of Pianote is the way the materials are presented with real teachers, an impressive group of “coaches” who teach and inspire. To get the full experience, I took a class with a star trainer, Victoria Theodore. Theodore, who has performed with popular music artists like Stevie Wonder and Beyonce, tackles what has to be one of the most challenging lessons for beginner pianists – A Beginner’s Guide to Classical Piano.

Theodore presents all the basics of classical piano study, including warm-up, fingering, hand position, practice, and more, in short, well-formatted lessons to get students playing quickly. The course focuses on skill development with the goal of helping the student make beautiful piano music with good technique. Her presentation is informative, positive and encouraging as she shows students exactly what to do.

Victoria Theodore’s Classical Piano is an excellent course for developing beginner piano skills and a painless introduction to classical piano music. It’s built around simple pieces that illustrate each era of classical music, rather than drilling students through scales and exercises.


Pianote has well-organized practice tools and an approach designed to keep students engaged, plus it offers all the benefits of online lessons with anytime access. Real instructors – experts in different musical styles – song tutorials and tools help you learn, and the cost is much less than private lessons at $197.00 per year. You can even try Pianote for 90 days risk-free if you’re not sure if it’s right for you.

The inconvenients

With so many styles to choose from, training packs, forums, and courses, the number of materials can be overwhelming to choose from initially.


Pianote combines a friendly and professional approach with well-organized materials, tools and online events to keep a community of students motivated and interested. It’s as close as it gets to all the benefits of private education for those committed to learning online. However, if a typical online track isn’t enough, you can also set up private lessons through the website. Pianote offers a fun and informative experience for beginners as they can explore different musical styles with different instructors at their own pace and without pressure. There’s a lot to learn at Pianote and qualified instructors who are ready to help. Definitely worth checking out on

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