Latin American music and oral history project arrives at Teatro Paraguas

Javier Jara, along with a very talented group of musicians, will present a very special musical project honoring the Latin American immigrant population living in the United States.

For the “Our Rhythms, Our Voices” project, Javier and his team of collaborators interviewed immigrants from all walks of life and from all over Latin America to create songs, using the rhythms of their native lands. The tour celebrates the diversity of Latin American immigrants, their cultural heritage and their contributions to this country.

Interviews include an Otavaleña indigenous woman who works in IT, a former priest who fought for workers’ rights alongside Oscar Romero in El Salvador, a chef from Argentina, a bilingual educator from Mexico, a cleaner Guatemalan, a Quechua repairman whose family worked in the tin mines in Potosí, Bolivia, and a Guatemalan woman, who has been living in a church sanctuary for five years to escape deportation. Part oral history and part roots music experimentation, the concert offers a unique window into the individual lives of Latin Americans living in the United States. Photographer Alejandro Moreno-Alanis will feature his portraits of each interviewee along with meaningful quotes in panels at each concert. All music is composed by Javier Jara with lyrics by Yahir Durán. Band members include bassist Janie Cowan, who has played with Bob Dylanpercussionist Michael Longoriawho has toured with Patti Griffin and Bob Schneider, and violinists Abigail Shiman and Camille Scheiss, who have played in orchestras around the world.

The concert and Q&A from the audience will take place at Teatro Paraguas on Saturday, October 15 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available at®id=109&>. Reservations can be made at 505-424-1601 to pick up tickets at the door.

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