Local 303: The Colorado Artists We Feature for May 2022

horse female dog

Photo by: Jordan Altergott

Hometown: Denver/Lakewood

Shape: 2020

Last version: RIP PistachioSelf-release, September 5, 2021

Pronouns: he she

On: Many people have died in space.

Musicians who inspire: Mountain Goats, Glen Campbell, Roger Miller, Modern Baseball, Pinegrove, Car Seat Headrest, Gary Stewart, Daniel Johnston, Gestalt

What is the next step for the group in 2022: We’re touring the Pacific Northwest/West Coast in August with Clementine was Right and we’re releasing new music.

Website: horsebitch.com

Be social: instagram, TwitterFacebook

Jeff Cormac

Photo by: Garrett Reed

Hometown: Denver, CO

Shape: 2013

Last version: “Who Are We” (single), Staycation Records, April 29, 2022 and “Modern Love” (single), Staycation Records, February 25, 2022

Pronouns: He she

On: “Who Are We” is Jeff Cormack’s second single since his 2013 debut album. Thirteen013 Summerdreams and features many quintessential dreamy guitar landscapes and introspective lyrics. Saved by caprice, Thirteen013 Summerdreams garnered unexpected praise with the song “Run” landing on the Spotify Viral Top50 US & Global Chart for over two weeks, “Empty Glass” being featured in the penultimate season finale of Shameless (2021), and the track “Sunshine’s Gone” was featured on Hulu’s better things and also global fashion campaigns for brands like Billabong and Ingersoll. This new single “Who Are We” is a sonic and lyrical evolution of Jeff Cormack’s debut album that stays perfectly close to home.

Cormack is a multi-instrumental writer, producer, designer, creative director and founder of Staycation Records/Audiohook.io. He has collaborated with major labels, agencies, content creators, artists, directors and major global brands to create award-winning sound for film and television, as well as exclusive fashion and streetwear collaborations and editorial campaigns based on stories. He remains busy creating with the artists of the Staycation label and his other passion project, Sud de la France. Harvesting top features and exclusive performances for American Songwriter publications, NPR, Consequence of Sound, Rolling Stone, Noisey, and recently opening for bands Portugal. The Man, The Flaming Lips and Michigander, it’s easy to see why the South of France was named one of the top ten reasons to visit Denver (Jeff’s hometown) by Refinery 29 Magazine.

Musicians who inspire: Everyone and everyone who does. I really don’t discriminate and can usually find inspiration anywhere when it comes to music. The more I get into music, the more I appreciate it all, but I really mostly listen to new music. We play old stuff, classics, soundtracks, etc. at home all day, but I’m usually blown away by new music on Spotify throughout the day while doing life’s things.

What is the next step for the group in 2022: Myself and the friends I collaborate with feel so lucky to be able to make music like we are after the past few years. We are so thankful that people still listen and come to shows, and want music for film/TV. So…I really plan on being thankful/grateful for a while! I have a finished album and will continue to release singles before the album is released this fall. I’m making some really cool movies where 3 or 4 of these songs will appear. So I really hope to release those songs, play some gigs, and connect with more people through music and work.

Website: www.jeffcormack.com

Be social: instagram

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