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washington d.c. – A year ago this week, President Joe Biden said inflation would be “temporary,” but since then inflation has risen to 9.1%.

The pain at the pump and the supermarket is part of Biden’s radical “green” agenda that punishes American producers and supports foreign powers.

Weekly summary

Joe Biden has plotted with his allies on Capitol Hill to force a $1.9 trillion spending package through Congress to fund dozens of pet projects. As a result, energy costs soared, inflation hit a 41-year high, and gasoline rose 59.9%. The people of Tennessee have had enough. The key to reducing inflation is to stop this reckless spending.

It is unthinkable that the Joe Biden administration allowed the Chinese Communist Party to raise money from American taxpayers. Rather than let Joe Biden hand out grants or sign federal contracts that undermine the United States, I’m co-sponsoring legislation to cut off our opponents. The White House needs to stop aiding and abetting the new axis of evil and start putting America first.

I was in Rhea, Bledsoe, Sequatchie, Hamilton and Marion counties last Friday, and the biggest concern I heard about was inflation. Rising fertilizer prices and supply chain issues are causing farmers to panic over how they will plant their crops.

Marsha’s Roundup


  • I supported life-saving legislation to facilitate access to the National Lifeline for Suicide Prevention at their updated number.
  • Thanks to the Nashville Songwriters Association for dropping by to give us Tennessee Tuesday participants a special performance!
  • Joe Biden’s platform prioritizes radical “green” policies over much-needed construction on America’s roads and bridges. I take a stand against big bureaucracy on behalf of thousands of American workers.
  • Is there anything you would like to see in the Blackburn report? Email my office to share!

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