Max Cash™ Securities Lending Work From Home Program Sees Dramatic Increase Due to COVID-19

TEMPE, Arizona., April 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Max Cash™ Work-from-Home Affiliate Program has seen an increase of more than 400% in the past month for individuals the opportunity to earn additional income remotely, giving them the ability to maintaining financial stability while remaining in quarantine.

Thousands of employees who previously worked from home now suddenly find themselves furloughed or completely unemployed. Loans are essential right now for countless people across the country when it comes to meeting basic needs. A $1,200 The stimulus check may simply not be enough to effectively support an ordinary person who is responsible for real life emergency expenses on a monthly basis.

“We think the reason for the increase is that working from home is now the new norm and people are finding ways to do it.”; noted Fred Winchar, President and Founder of Max Cash Title Loans, “Our affiliate program relieves you of sitting on the couch knowing that you have to compete for a job soon. Here you are only competing with yourself and some affiliates are earning thousands of dollars a week in this moment.”

With unemployment currently increasing at an exponential rate and stay-at-home orders being implemented in states across the United States, earning income from home is a crucial part of maintaining social security and personal economic security simultaneously.

Experience working with websites is a helpful attribute, but not a requirement for success with the Max Cash Title Loans Work From Home Affiliate Program. A beginner’s knowledge of social media, research and/or website design and marketing would be beneficial and may however lead to higher loan conversions. When working with the program, Max Cash™ offers free digital support for SEO, HTML, and other potential website components. Affiliates also have a free landing page and phone number that tracks all incoming leads and receives an average conversion rate of 10-35% for each funded loan.

Disclosure of bank account information is also not a requirement to be part of the Max Cash Title Loans Work-from-Home Affiliate Program. Although payment is available by direct deposit, payment is also receivable via PayPal, check or wire transfer.

Additional information regarding free marketing materials and other features of the Max Cash Title Loans Work-from-Home Affiliate Program can be found on the affiliate page of the Max Cash Title Loans™ website at:

Max Cash™ invites you to share this opportunity with your sons, daughters, friends, family or anyone in your community who could benefit from extra income from home. With the number of people looking for financing growing every day, Max Cash™ is moving quickly to help make loan products easily accessible to those who need them most.

Anyone who has further questions or is interested in participating in the Max Cash Work-from-Home Affiliate Program can get started by filling out the application form on the affiliate page or by sending their information to [email protected].

Maximum money
Maximum money owned by Tradition Media Group, LLC, is an exclusive agency that uses an extensive network of lenders to help clients access title lending services. Maximum money manages the processing of securities loans and the making of sales to clients and can act as a broker for loans on a case-by-case basis. Tradition Media Group is the nation’s largest title lending processor.

Patrick McDermott
Max Cash Title Loans™
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SOURCE Tradition Media Group

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