Morgan Wallen is nominated for two American Music Awards, but he is not allowed to attend the show

The music industry clearly has no idea what to do with Morgan Wallen, who remains a massively popular country star after he was caught drunkenly shouting a racial slur on camera earlier this year and whose attempts at apologies have not been very effective. As awards season approaches, various governing bodies are making some truly inconsistent decisions about whether or not to include Wallen. The Country Music Association Awards, for example, announced that Wallen was banned from attending this year’s show, even though he was nominated for album of the year. The American Music Awards have now said something similar.

The AMAs, a general-interest show meant to recognize popularity more than musical or cultural merit, has unveiled this year’s nominations. Wallen is nominated for Favorite Country Album and Favorite Male Country Artist. But the AMAs also said they would not invite Wallen to appear on the show. Like rolling stone reports, MRC Live & Alternative, the group that produces the AMAs, says the nature of the AMAs has essentially made Wallen’s nominations inevitable. In a statement, the producers say:

Unique among award shows, American Music Awards (AMA) nominees are determined by their performance on the Billboard Charts and are not chosen by a voting committee or membership organization…Morgan Wallen is nominated this year based on cartography. Since his conduct does not align with our core values, we will not include him in the show in any capacity (performance, presentation, acceptance). We plan to assess his progress in doing meaningful work as an ally of the black community and will consider his participation in future broadcasts.

In other words: it is your fault, America! Don’t blame us!

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