NCT accused of plagiarism by American group Downtown Boys



The internet is on fire as US group Downtown Boys called NCT for plagiarizing their poster. In the teaser image released by SM Entertainment on August 22 for NCT’s comeback album 127 ‘Sticker’, a poster in the background is apparently a Downtown Boys poster from Harrisburg in 2016. The Downtown Boys have used their account. Twitter to tag NCT’s official handle regarding the matter. Internet users have mixed opinions on the same.

The white and green poster in the NCT 127 comeback teaser image, featuring Johnny reading “NEO TOWN BOYS” is the reason for all the controversy. While some fans believe this is a tribute to the group, other netizens suggest that it is pure plagiarism and that they hope SM Entertainment will have the copyright for the use. . The resemblance to the poster is certainly disturbing.

Here’s what Downtown Boys had to say about the poster.

Now is definitely not a good time for boy group NCT to be embroiled in controversy, as NCT 127 is set for a comeback next month. Fans are hopeful that SM Entertainment will fix the issue sooner rather than later.

As recently as today, NCT’s Lucas apologized for his past mistakes following allegations of cheating and gaslighting. WayV’s Lucas and Hendery subunit song “Jalapeno”, due for release on August 25, was also canceled following the apologies.

NCT 127 is set for a comeback with their third album ‘Sticker’ which contains a total of eleven tracks. It recorded over a million pre-orders in the first twenty-four hours.

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