Peach Tree Rascals impresses with nostalgia at Great American Music Hall


During the Bay Area portion of their “I Can’t Wait” tour, the Peach Tree Rascals music collective played heart out. After starting as a high school band in San José, singer-rappers Issac Pech, Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq and Joseph Barros triumphantly returned to their backyard on October 27 with creative director Jorge Olazaba, producer-mixer Dominic Pizano and producer. -guitarist Jasper Barros.

The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco was teeming with a friendly community of indie pop fans chatting near the stage and calling to each other across the hall. With strong ’80s energy, pop-rock opener Mills came into full swing as purple, blue, and orange beams bathed the room. Mills danced to his catchy tunes, spinning on stage. The floor shook with powerful bass through his tasteful cover of Kanye and his closer “Hollow”.

A rock riff was played as bright lights came on, and Peach Tree Rascals took the stage suddenly and with thunder. The band launched into their debut song, “OOZ,” to the shouting of the audience, and the band’s name flashed on the screen in a Rugrats font.

Live, the song swelled with incredible freshness – in large part because the Rascals were obviously thrilled to be performing in person again. As the room warmed up through “Fumari” and “Change My Mind,” Abdel-Khaliq ditched a sky blue jacket to reveal a homemade t-shirt with stenciled “SF”. The members expressed their appreciation for their homecoming crowd, repeating “you are all so beautiful” to the crowd.

Throughout the set, the group threw yellow, red and green balls emblazoned with happy faces and signatures into the crowd.. The good mood in the hall was reinforced by the captivating presence of the group on stage and the lighting of the hall. Pech’s frenzied rap was consistent throughout filming, and he particularly dazzled during “Change My Mind.” Lighting changes accompanied the sun-drenched songs “Mango” and “Summa”, refreshing the audience with sparkling orange and yellow tones. Abdel-Khaliq particularly impressed with his supple and soft voice when he took the lead of “Mango”.

Pech, Abdel-Khaliq and Joseph Barros walked across the stage, keeping fans on their toes. Their fans were more than willing to show how much they loved them in return, still reaching out for the stage, jumping to catch balls and clapping members’ names as they approached their sections of the crowd.

During his solo in “Things Won’t Go My Way”, Joseph Barros closed his eyes and leaned into the upbeat and bouncy tune, his amazing voice. “I’m Sorry” and “Pockets” featured the members jumping on the crowd divider, waving their microphones for fans to sing along and taking selfies and videos in the middle of the performance.

As the artists effortlessly shared the limelight, the passionate and serious bond between the band members was tangible throughout the concert. Between songs, the team would fall into a half hug, half hug, looking at each other and in the crowd as if they couldn’t believe where they were.

After seeing their cheerful and cheerful character the new single “Song From Hell”, the set switched to slower and leading songs “More” and “JoJo”. The group has shown an intimate vulnerability with their fans – a vulnerability that only comes with a rising musical group. Members of the group began to cry on stage when they recognized that several of their parents were present, and a wave of phone flashes lit up the hall.

Emotions reached even higher heights when Joseph Barros took center stage with his first live guitar performance for “Oh Honey! (Love you). ”Her rich voice stunned, as did the upbeat support from her band mates who stirred the crowd. The healthy song closed and the room went dark as the band members quickly moved on. fled the stage, making the crowd work for an encore.

When the band rushed onto the stage for “Mariposa,” the scene looked like the end of a coming-of-age movie. Colorful lights were shining, fans shouting lyrics, band members hugged and cried as the song morphed into a collection of home videos and old photos of the ensemble.

Really, the place was filled with a bunch of sentimental rascals. The air was filled with love as the group walked out to cheers, tears and applause. The screen glowed: “Welcome home, rascals.”

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