Premiere of the music video: “Eastern Standard Time” by The Accidentals

There are tons of talented musicians who call northern Michigan home, including one of our favorite trios, Accidentals. Today they premiered their brand new song and music video, Eastern Standard Time on ‘the four’!

From Accidentals‘ violinist and guitarist, Sav Buist:

This song was written on Zoom with Peter Mulvey, one of my favorite songwriters. A native of Wisconsin, Peter is known for biking across the country with his guitar on his back, sharing stories and provocative wisdom in the form of song. We met Peter when we all played together at Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan and after watching his set we knew that one day we would write a song with him. After playing a songwriter showcase with Peter at Folk Alliance, our management contacted his management and a co-writing was born.

We learned from co-writing that the key is to find the things you have in common. We found out about five minutes later that we were all big nature lovers and spent a while talking about everything from trees to birds to mushrooms.

There was more than one bridge that connected us – the biggest being the Upper Peninsula, a strip of land that connects our home state with Peter’s (WI) home state. UP is one of the most beautiful places on earth and we both plan to visit it every year when the leaves change. We decided to write a song about it. Peter picked up the Eastern Standard Time hook and we were off.

The line “Three fires burn from the old bloodlines” pays homage to the Three Fires Council – the three Native American tribes that make up much of the Midwest, whose lands were stolen by colonizers. Descriptions of Nordic beauty are underlined by thin cracks in the face – the dangerous pipeline threatening our remaining freshwater resources; the lasting effects of colonization on Indigenous peoples and climate change, as it affects us all. These are all things we were thinking about while writing the song.

Elijah Allen sent us this amazing video he made from drone footage he recorded.

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