RefiJet Auto Loans Review | Find the best loan for you

RefiJet offers many auto refinancing options and services, including:

  • Refinance a car loan to lower the interest rate or monthly payment or to change the repayment term.
  • Purchase of a lease.
  • Add or remove a co-borrower.
  • Get cash back on the equity in a vehicle.
  • Addition of extended service contract or gap insurance.

The company will refinance most types of cars, SUVs, trucks, and motorcycles.

If you would like to refinance your car loan, a RefiJet Financial Services representative will speak with you to gather and enter information for your application and to review your document requirements. You’ll prequalify with a soft pull that won’t affect your credit score, then learn about your refinance options.

Once you have found the right loan, your financial services representative will review your application, discuss the proposed loan terms with you, and then submit your application to the lender. Your representative will also explain the lender’s decision and loan details, including costs, to you to help you decide if you want to go ahead.

You will upload and receive loan documents through a secure portal. Your financial services representative will discuss with you how to sign them and any special rules for your state or lender.

RefiJet provides a prepaid label to return your documents to, and once you do, the company will update your vehicle title, pay off your old loan, and connect you with the new lender. You can call, email, or text your financial services representative whenever you need them throughout the refinance process.

Loan terms vary based on your credit, vehicle, and other criteria. RefiJet is promoting car refinance rates starting at 2.49% with no payments for the first two months. The company doesn’t publish an APR range, but does note that it works with a network of lenders to find terms that fit your needs.

Vehicles less than 10 years old with less than 150,000 miles will generally qualify for refinancing. You will also need:

  • Be employed or have a verifiable source of income.
  • Have made your recent car payments on time.
  • Have car insurance with full coverage.
  • Provide a valid gray card and a valid driver’s license.

RefiJet works with lenders to find the best rate for your credit profile. The company says it reduces car payments by an average of $150 per month, although not all car refinances aim to reduce the monthly payment. RefiJet also does not guarantee these savings and note that savings and fares may differ.

RefiJet does not specify minimum credit requirements, but does indicate that your credit history and financial stability can help you qualify for a loan and determine its terms. The company says lenders assess your credit score, credit and payment history, income, loan balance, and overall debt.

Minimum and maximum loan amounts are not specified, but RefiJet says the value of your vehicle is a major factor in how much you can refinance. Your vehicle’s identification number, mileage, make, model, year, and additional features help determine value.

RefiJet works with a variety of lenders, but check with the company to confirm availability in your state.

RefiJet is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and receives an A+ rating.

RefiJet has telephone lines and emails for specific needs:

The company does not list customer service contact hours on its website.

You can also contact RefiJet on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or you can complete the Contact Us Now form on the RefiJet website. On, navigate to the About RefiJet tab at the top right, then scroll down to the last item, Contact Us, and click on it to open this page. Fill out the form in the black box on the right side of the page, and someone from RefiJet will respond to your message.

  • People who want a variety of refinancing options.
  • People who want to prequalify with soft credit.
  • Individuals who want live assistance throughout the refinance process.

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