“Something Good Is About To Happen” Happens At WNPAC

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The Gaither Vocal Band will perform the “Something Good is About to Happen” tour at the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center on February 19.

The concert is scheduled for 6 p.m. and doors open at 5 p.m.

Multi-Grammy and Dove Award-winning artist Bill Gaither will take the tour to nearly two dozen cities this spring.

Taking the stage in 2022 with Gaither and the Gaither Vocal Band, featuring Wes Hampton, Adam Crabb, Todd Suttles and Reggie Smith, will be vocalist, Ladye Love Smith and Gene McDonald, as well as Gaither’s musical entourage of Kevin Williams , Matthew Holt and Greg Ritchie, according to a press release.

Growing up in Alexandria, Indiana, Gaither said gospel music was “like a stranger” in the early 1950s when he was growing up.

“He’s from Texas, the southwest, and obviously the south — Atlanta, Nashville, so I could only hear him on the radio and on records,” Gaither said in a phone interview.

He lives with his wife of 60 years, Gloria, not far from the house he grew up in. Gaither said he and Gloria met while teaching at school.

He went to college, majored in English and taught English. Gloria Gaither also taught English and French for about 10 years until their songs became popular.

“That wasn’t the plan. Writing was just something we loved to do. But the songs spread; went outside the city limits; outside the county; out of state; out of our country. When they started to understand, we started to travel,” Gaither said.

“…We have traveled all over the world. We went to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia. We sang everywhere, but I didn’t stray far from where I was born, so I grew up here in this small town and I love the music,” he said.

He added that they both love poetry and that Gloria is an “incredible poet”.

“I was a musician and had written stuff myself before I met her; both lyrics and music. But after meeting her, the combination of the two was much more powerful than me alone. It was an added bonus of marriage,” Gaither said.

“In our case, we were more drawn to each other for philosophical, artistic, theological and spiritual reasons and the music, which is a bonus, was added and we said thank you to each other,” he said. he adds.

Gaither said he and his wife are admirers of creative writing, whether in their genre or not.

“…We go to the Nashville Hall of Fame Songwriters Congress every year because we know a lot of these people, a lot of these country writers. We’re just in awe of people who are able to put words together and move people,” Gaither said.

“…Good writing is just good writing, and in our field, there happens to be a message tied to it…Good creativity is just good creativity” , he added.

Gaither said they performed other people’s songs as well.

“We’ve had it since the beginning, mainly because we just like good material…”, he added.

For example, they sing “Through it All” by Andrae Crouch. Gaither said it was a “great song. I wish I had written it.

From the time they started, Gaither said they have tried to limit their time on the road to 50-55 days a year to have a more normal home life. They also try to group locations.

“…It’s hard to say no when the phone is ringing, but saying no can mean you’re saying yes to something better.” But if you have three kids and other responsibilities and I think we have a well balanced life that involves friends from other circles rather than music. I like artists. I love music, but we’re kinda weird in a way and it’s pretty cool to get out of our way and find out how ordinary people spend their time. I like sports. I love to read and I love history. It’s fun to be around people who want to discuss things other than music,” Gaither said.

He noted that Gloria is a Steinbeck Fellow who has written about Steinbeck at the Steinbeck Quarterly.

Along with their three children, the Gaithers have seven grandchildren.

He said the group has changed over the years.

“Our personal performance started in the 60s with our trio – my brother and my wife, Gloria. We did that for about 20 years, from 1966 to around 1986. Then the vocal group grew out of that,” said Gaither.

There are five band members now.

“Over a period of about 30 years, we had about 16 changes for various reasons. Three died.

Tenors get tired of singing high notes. This current group has been together for nine years, almost 10 years now,” he said.

His advice to budding musicians and songwriters is to get a job until someone wants to buy and support your music.

“You better be realistic about it. … I taught with the idea of ​​teaching for the rest of my life and my night job, which was music, took over from my day job. …I still think that’s the best advice…” Gaither said.

“…In our case, we do it for two reasons. I believe the message. I believe in the gospel and it’s a great way to share your faith. But secondly, I love art for. The art form is simply stunning. …,” he added.

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