The American group Krewella collaborates with Asim Azhar for the next track


Singer and songwriter Asim Azhar took another step forward just before the end of 2019. It turns out the pop artist is set to collaborate with American electronic dance music (EDM) group Krewella for their upcoming release. piece.

The song is called paradise and this is the fifth song on Krewella’s upcoming album ‘Zero’. It is also one of the very first collaborations between a Pakistani artist and an American group of EDM.

The band uploaded an album art with the track listing on their Twitter. With 11 songs, Azhar’s name can be spotted in the album before the fifth track.

The tweet said: “It seems unreal to announce this officially, but our second album ‘zer0’ will be released on January 31. We have tapped into deeper emotional and cultural layers and got closer to the process – we’re so excited. to share the trip with our crew. “

Created by sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, Krewella was formed in 2007. The band’s music is an amalgamation of self-produced electro house and dubstep, with influences from many other EDM styles.

While popular singer, Asim Azhar, was recently the victim of a shoe controversy, after which he uploaded a video to his Instagram to purify the air. Numerous media reported that a person in the crowd threw a shoe at Azhar during his performance, a poor quality video of which was also circulating on social media. However, the singer revealed that it was just a cap.

Nevertheless, the album’s release is scheduled for January 31, 2020.

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