The “American group” of Drive-By Truckers, performed in its entirety: NPR


In this concert, filmed at the OPB in Portland, Oregon, longtime rock band Drive-By Truckers perform their timely and politically charged new record, American group, in its entirety.

In a set that includes the 11 songs on the record, the group tackles social and political issues with fiery zeal. Racism, immigration, gun violence, symbols of hate and censorship are all in the sights of the group, led by Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley. But the record isn’t motivated by fuzzy anger: it’s a poignant take on what it means to be an American in a time when uncertainty and fear are ubiquitous. As Hood says, he’s hoping to “turn on that light in the basement and see what happens so we can figure out what we’re dealing with.”

Watch the full concert via VuHaus and listen to an interview with Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley on opbmusic.

Drive-By Truckers is on tour now.

Define the list

  • “Ramon Casiano”
  • “Darkened flags at dawn of dawn”
  • “Surrender under protest”
  • “The guns of Umpqua”
  • “Dirty and fried”
  • “The sun does not shine”
  • “Kinky hypocrite”
  • “Always south”
  • “What this means”
  • “Once they have forbidden to imagine”
  • “Luggage”


Audio recording and mixing: Steven Kray, David Barbe; Lighting designer: Matt Rosvold; Decor: Joseph Paulekas; Publisher: Jarratt Taylor; Videographers: Sam Smith, Nate Sjol, Jarratt Taylor, Andrew Barrick; Executive Producer: David Christensen; Senior Vice President / Content: Morgan Holm.


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