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Bill Clevlen’s latest book, The Ultimate American Music Bucket List, offers a geographic guide to music-themed statues, burial sites, recording studios, childhood homes, and museums across the United States. This week, Clevlen spoke to Life. Style. Live. about the project.

“I’ve been traveling since 2013 as a full-time travel journalist,” Clevlen enthused. “And, on many visits, I see these really cool music sites, whether it’s a statue of Dolly Partin in eastern Tennessee or the famous Muscle Shoals studios in Alabama, where Aretha Franklin recorded her first There are all these really cool spots about American music and places that preserve American music and all these great stories.

There can be no discussion of American popular music without mentioning Elvis.

“Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee,” Clevlen said with a smile. “The place where Elvis Presley first recorded is a must. Talk about a goosebumps moment when you’re standing at Sun Studio and they’re playing the very first Elvis recording for you and you realize you’re standing right there and nothing in the room is n ‘changed. Ceiling tiles, you look up and think they’re going to fall on your head because nothing has been updated or changed in all these years.

You can buy a copy of The Ultimate American Music Bucket List on the book website.

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