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It’s hard to underestimate the raw emotion Tori Amos brought to popular music when she burst onto the scene with her album. small earthquakes in 1992. A breathless, unrestrained singer in the mold of Kate Bush, Amos was fearless in the personal issues she addressed in her songs. And his piano playing – like Beethoven on a bender – was a revelation. In the years that followed, there were more and more fearless female singer-songwriters who owe a lot to Amos. She is on tour to support her new album, Ocean to Ocean, which deals, in part, with the psychological effects of the pandemic. With companion.

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press release: A pioneering musician, author and activist, Tori Amos announced a huge 2022 North American Tour, with stops in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia and more. Excited to reconnect with fans, her captivating show will bring the new album, Ocean to Oceanto life and include some fan favorites throughout their careers. Ocean to Ocean was released digitally and on CD in October and was made available as a beautiful vinyl wrap friday january 28. The record was widely praised by fans and media, with features spanning Pitchfork, Entertainment Weekly, Stereogum, SPIN and NPR. The record debuted at #2 on Billboard Current Alternative Albums Graphic and #6 on Billboard album sales Graphic, marking it tenth “Top 10” appearance.

Ocean to Ocean is Amos’ most personal work in years – an album brimming with warmth and connection, with deep roots in his early songs. While communities around the world have suffered loss of life, live music, travel and more to watch, Tori has been going through a tough time during the pandemic. She descended into a lower emotional state than she had been in a long time – but the depths became creative, forcing a return to the kind of introspection she recognized from her debut album. small earthquakes. The new collection is an expression of kinship and love, of emotional and geographic dislocation. It explores environmental concerns, the stresses of the pandemic for those on the cusp of adulthood, empowerment, loss and healing delivered with Tori’s urgency and passion.

A cross-platform pioneer, the second book by Tori Amos RESISTANCE, a New York Times bestseller, was released in 2020. Unrepentant Geraldines was his eighth studio album to debut in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 Chart. Her resolutely feminist musical The Light Princess debuted at No. 2 on the Broadway Billboard Chart. Nominated for multiple Grammy Awards, she was the label’s first major artist to offer a single for download, had her songs turned into graphic novels, and produced groundbreaking videos throughout her career. In late 2016, she released the title track “Flicker” from the acclaimed Netflix documentary Audrey and Marguerite, dealing with high school rape issues. A renowned humanitarian, Tori was the first public voice of RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network), which is the largest sexual assault organization in the United States, and continues to be a member of its National Leadership Council.

Tori will be touring North America, the UK and Ireland in 2022. For tickets, visit

“Ocean to Ocean shivers with bubbling new tension.” Fork

“The legend, the icon” – NPR

“‘Speaking With Trees’ is full of groovy guitars, rocking percussion and, of course, peppy keys.”MTV

“Tori Amos has remained a pivotal and prolific singer-songwriter who has always been able to meet the moment.”Weekly entertainment

“As if by magic, Tori consistently manages to turn a thorny thread into something artistic and exquisite.” SPIN

“For Tori Amos, a piano is not just a musical instrument. It is an entity with which one can have entire conversations.stereogum

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