US music group Juna N Joey performs at Forres Academy and discusses mental health with students

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Joey and Juna were thrilled with the reaction they got to Forres.

A young pop-country duo from Nashville, USA made a special appearance at Forres Academy on Thursday.

After releasing new single More Than A Maybe, siblings Juna N Joey are traveling to schools across the UK to perform the song live and then speak to pupils about mental health and bullying.

Guidance teacher Jo Shepherd explained that the visit was linked to personal and social education.

She said: “We cover mental health and bullying that Juna N Joey discusses between songs.

“The kids responded very well to that and their exciting performances. A student became very emotional because his grandfather was listening to music from Nashville. The band made a big fuss of him at the end!

Juna has confirmed the couple will be making personal appearances at over 75 schools in England, Scotland and Wales this summer.

She said: “We toured last year with British artist Twinnie and had so much fun! We also came to Scotland and toured Cafe Nero and fell in love with the country.”

Joey added: “Our manager loves Scotland so when our booking agent booked us again this year for venues and festivals he asked if we would like to do a school tour. We have a mental health program in the United States, so he asked if we could do the same here. We immediately said yes, we would be delighted!

“At first we didn’t know how the students would react to our speech but to our music, but so far the experience has been very positive!”

Juna N Joey began their online music career in 2017, releasing their debut single Stay Young in 2019. They now have over seven million collective views on YouTube and 82,000 subscribers.

Hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida, now Nashville recording artists, the duo have also amassed more than 11 million views and 1.5 million likes on TikTok.

Their latest single delves into a high school-fuelled romance, including the angst when asked about that first person to ever grab attention.

S1 student Travis Bremner meets Juna N Joey offstage in the Forres Academy assembly hall.
S1 student Travis Bremner meets Juna N Joey offstage in the Forres Academy assembly hall.

Along with performing the song, Juna N Joey spoke about mental health issues and bullying to raise awareness for their young audience.

Juna said, “We hope to inspire and educate children and pass on tools to solve these problems. The main take home message is that you are not alone, contact at least one person who can help you. And don’t hurt yourself and suffer in silence.

“We also want children to know that they can contact us as well.”

Joey added, “In addition to performing our freshman EP, we also play covers for those who know American country artists, as well as songs we love. We also take photos and sign autographs after the show. , getting to know children on a more personal level.

“We keep in touch through social media.”

Juna N Joey stayed in Alford after the show ahead of their performance at the town’s secondary school on Friday.

Juna said, “Getting instant face-to-face feedback with students is very rewarding. We can see similarities and differences with our audiences. They are blowing up our social networks.

Joey concluded, “It’s been such a great trip for us to be in another country and connect with kids our own age on a personal level.

“It’s amazing to connect with people on the other side of the world and the experience will be something we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

“It’s great to share our music and gain fans, but more importantly, if Juna and I help stop bullying or bully victims get hurt, that would be the best outcome for us!”

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